We build foundations for marketing, web, and IT services. Clients leverage our integrated approach to meet their strategic goals in a whole new dimension.


"If it ain’t broke: don’t fix it!" We hear this one a lot. Just because something works doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tested, evaluated, and challenged. We’re big into this. To find areas of improvement, we challenge what we should expect from the world around us. Our curiosity and exploratory souls drive the way we work.


When we challenge our worldly expectations, we find patterns of opportunity. Where a tool or solution doesn’t exist or provide the best experience, we take it upon ourselves to build it! We dream-up new ideas, systems, and approaches to solve problems every day. The typical needs the atypical to move forward.


We dabble in it all. We study the intersection of technology and creativity because we believe therein lies an untapped potential for problem solving. It's challenging to do this because it requires we hold conflicting goals. Technology seeks to optimize and drives structure while creativity seeks emotions and drives humanity.

Wedge's Vision

We desire to design a world where everyone can realize their happiness. In a world where reliance on technology is only increasing, we seek to abstract technical concepts so that everyone in business can access, understand, and leverage the powerful parts of technology. This is key to build space for creative problem solving.

Jack Sellwood

Technologist & Founder

Georgi Crummer

Graphic Design

Campbell Jaap

Web Developer

Let's move your business forward.